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Collective Day Dream | Pokemon Tabletop Adventures - Utopus Region - Episode 373

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Today we join a team of Pokemon Cops in the international police called the Special Pokemon Investigation Taskforce (or Team Spit). These guys were specially assigned by Looker to track down and bring some criminals to justice. Will they be successful in their tasks or will they fail? find out today! Today our heroes head back into the wild desert and investigate the crater that was caused by the calamity

Special thank you
Alistair (Puffin Forest) -
Mason (MarcosGames) -
Murdock (TheCODFysh) -

TheLoadingCrew aka GM stuart, alaina prana, xthedarkone, Lady_nanaki, and Megami33 of Team four Star play the fanmade Pokemon Tabletop RPG as Team Fresh Floof.

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Animator’s Patreon ►
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To those that don’t know. Pokemon Tabletop is a role playing game designed to be like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, but with the feel of a Pokemon RPG. If you were ever curious to see what dnd was or if you enjoy funny guys like Critical Role, feel free to give us a shot.

*FAQ for GM Stuart:*

*What game do you guys play?:*
Pokemon Tabletop Adventures for Trainers
Pokemon Tabletop United for Pokemon

*Isn’t that confusing?*
Not really

*What program do you guys play on?*
Roll20 - I use the Pokemon Tabletop United character sheets.

*Can I play with you guys?*
At the moment we are not accepting other players. But thank you for the offer.

*I really REALLY wanna play a game with you*
GM Stuart has a GM for hire option over on his discord server. If you are really interested - https://discord.gg/NdMPFHm

*Can my character cameo?*
We actually offer that as a reward tier on our patreon.

*How do you make your maps?*
RPG Maker XP. I use the pokemon essentials kit as a base.

*Can you show me how to make maps like this?*

*What Pokemon Canon are you using?*
We are playing in my own homebrew region called Utopus. I will drag elements from the manga, video games, show, or whatever i find amusing to make a unique experience.

*How often do you play/upload*
We stream Pokemon every other monday on either our twitch or this YouTube Channel
We upload Pokemon Monday-Friday

*Did you know there is an updated version of PTA called PTU?*
We’re aware. However, it is a complicated system and our players are more comfortable with the D&D like feel of PTA. Trainers are easier to comprehend and less overpowered. PTU also suffers from overdesign and is just cluttered.

*You aren’t playing this right:*
That’s not a question

*You misplayed here. What are you going to do about it?:*
If you let me know in the comments where I misplayed, that is swell actually. I actually like knowing when i mess up a rule so i can play it correctly later.

*Who are the Players?*
Luna: Megami33 ►
Lavi: Xthedarkone ►
Scarlet: Lady_nanaki ►
Jade: Alaina Prana ►

This video is a fan made story. TheLoadingCrew and friends have no association with Nintendo in any capacity. Please support the Official Releases by buying Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon later this year.

TheLoadingCrew is a husband and wife team made up of 2 independent artists. The husband Stuart is in charge of the YouTube channel and producing video content while the wife Alexandria produces the Web Comics Momma CQ and Jelly Realms Adventures.

On this channel we play Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, Pathfinder, and a few other games with some of our friends like Xthedarkone, Lady_nanaki, megami33, hbi2k, and MasakoX of Team Four Star. Please be sure to Like, Subscribe, and share on Social Media.

If you want to follow us feel free to follow on us on Twitter or Twitch. You could also hang out with us on our Discord server or find our convention Schedule on our website at While you are there, pick up a plushie of our RPG themed jellyfish.

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